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Title: Challenges

Artist: Bob Spence

Series: Spence Expressions

Size: 8x10

Release Date: August 15, 2008

Edition Size: 350

Original Media: Artist markers on archival paper

Print Media: HP Hahnemuhle Smooth Fine Art Paper

Price: $22.50

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Description: I once had the opportunity to coach high school boys on a varsity track team. These young men faced and met challenge after challenge as they went on to win their conference title as a team. In life we have many challenges. In this design imagine yourself as the small inner circle. Penetrating your circle is a big challenge and while you are facing it you have all these other challenges ready to come at you. Each one is unique, and very strong. And at times it seems like life is one challenge after another. How do you prepare for this? How do you face the challenges of your life? Who do you call on for help?